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Inspired by the Olympics? Activity holidays & travel insurance over 65

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By , August 10, 2012 11:03 am
Campiña cycling

Travel insurance over 65 for cycling and other activities

Have you been inspired by Team GB’s success at the Olympics to become more active?

One great way to be more active is to choose an activity holiday such as walking, cycling or sailing.

If getting more active on holiday does appeal to you, age shouldn’t be a barrier, but it’s very important to get the right travel insurance cover for an activity holiday before you travel and take part in any sport.

You should never assume that a particular sport or activity is covered by your travel insurance without checking, because if you have an accident whilst doing something that isn’t covered by your travel insurance you could find yourself facing large medical bills for hospital treatment abroad.

It’s much better to spend a few extra minutes checking the details of your travel insurance and upgrading your policy if necessary to ensure that you are properly covered.
Getting the right travel insurance for sports or activities is important whatever your age, but it can be more difficult if you are over 65.

We work with who specialise in travel insurance over 65. Travel insurance over 65 from covers a number of sports and activities as standard including scuba diving to 18 metres, cycling and sailing (within 12 miles of the coast, in European waters).

You also have the option, up to age 75, to extend your travel insurance policy to cover more adventurous sports and adventurous activities, such as cycle touring, sea canoeing and even sky diving!

With our Olympic team exceeding all our expectations and doing us proud this summer it’s not difficult to see why many of us are being inspired to become more active on holiday.

Travel insurance over 65 for ski and adventure sports

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By , November 22, 2011 11:24 am

65 is the new 40! You’ve been active and adventurous all your life, now just because you’re over 65 doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly going to change the habit of a life time and choose a more boring, sorry I mean relaxing holiday!

travel insurance over 65

skiing... by nonanet, on Flickr

Being over 65 no longer means you’re ready for your pipe and slippers and a lifetime in front of the TV. You’re still fit and active and you want to be adventurous and active on holiday. But, you do need to make sure that you have the right travel insurance cover for the sports and activities you want to take part in, and when you’re over 65 getting travel insurance for adventurous activities can start to get more difficult.

Ski insurance over 65

Travel insurance is vital when you go skiing or snowboarding, you need to make sure that you are properly covered if you have an accident on the slopes and need emergency medical treatment.

In addition to ensuring that you have medical cover in an emergency ski insurance over 65 will also provide cover for your ski or snowboard equipment and cover for unused ski pass and lessons if you are unable to ski due to illness or injury.

Adventure sports and activities cover on travel insurance over 65

A recent story of a 10 year old boy being injured in a quad biking accident in Turkey highlights the importance of having travel insurance cover for all the activities and sports you intend to take part in.

The boy was in hospital with head injuries and his parents were trying to raise £15,000 to cover his medical treatment because quad biking was seen as a hazardous activity by his travel insurer and therefore not covered on a standard policy.

If you are planning on taking part in any adventure sports or activities on holiday, make sure that you buy a travel insurance policy that provides cover. Most travel insurance policies will provide a list of sports and activities that are covered in their terms and conditions. recommends to provide travel insurance over 65 for sports and activities.’s specialist insurance cover for travellers aged over 65 encompasses cover  for a broad range of activities as standard, including parascending, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, waterskiing, surfing and scuba diving to 18 metres as standard.  

If you plan on being even more adventurous, that’s not a problem, can offer optional upgrades to cover other adventurous sports activities such as mountain biking, canyoning, rock climbing and quad biking.

Whatever you plan to do on holiday, make sure you have the appropriate travel insurance over 65 cover, it may cost you a few pounds more to get cover for some sports or activities, but it could save you thousands if you have an accident and need medical treatment.

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