New safety measures for cruise holidays and the importance of cruise insurance

By , May 4, 2012 9:45 am
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Good news for cruise ship passengers, many of whom are over 65. Cruise Lines International and the European Cruise Council have announced that new safety measure will be introduced on to cruise ships with immediate effect. Theses safety improvements on-board cruise ships are part of an on-going operational safety review following the sinking of the Costa Concordia earlier this year.

The new cruise safety measures will apply to cruise ships across the world and include the following:

  • More life jackets. Cruise ships will now be required to carry more that one life jacket per traveller
  • Restricted access to the bridge. Passengers will not be allowed onto the bridge during complicated manoeuvres, although bridge tours will still be allowed at other times.
  • More careful planning of a ship’s passage. Every ship’s passage plan will now need to be drafted by a designated officer, approved by a master and briefed to every member of the bridge in advance.

Of course any improvement in cruise ship safety is always good news for all passengers, particularly if you are over 65 and may not be able to move around as quickly as you use to, but it’s not the only thing you need to consider before heading off on a cruise holiday, getting the right travel insurance to cover your cruise is also very important.

The Foreign Office advise you to have travel insurance in place every time you travel abroad. The most important reason for this is to cover the cost of any unexpected medical treatment. Although most cruise ships will have medical centres on board, making emergency medical treatment readily available, you need to have travel insurance cover in place to help cover the cost.  Travel insurance is particularly important if you fall seriously ill whilst the ship is at sea. If it is deemed medically necessary the ship’s doctor or captain will change course, or arrange an emergency disembarkation at sea to get you to a hospital on shore. This does not come cheap, so having cruise travel insurance in place before you travel is vital.

Cruise holidays are becoming increasingly popular with older holiday makers, as such cruise insurance over 65 is also becoming more important. A key thing to remember about travel insurance over 65 is that not all travel insurance policies will provide cover for cruise holidays as standard, some cheaper travel insurance policies will exclude cruise holidays altogether and some will require an additional premium to cover cruises.

Check the terms and conditions of your travel insurance over 65 policy to ensure that it provides cover for cruise holidays before you travel.

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