Top 10 medical conditions declared on travel insurance over 65

By , March 8, 2012 2:56 pm
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The importance of declaring any pre-existing medical conditions when you buy travel insurance is something we talk about a lot here at Over Sixty Five Travel Insurance.

Any medical condition that you are taking medication for, or have visited the doctor or hospital about, needs to be declared when you buy travel insurance over 65.

We always remind travellers, especially those over 65, not to forget about medical conditions such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol which are controlled by medication – they all need to be declared when buying travel insurance.

This seems to be paying off – according to data provided by our partner the relatively minor medical conditions of high blood pressure and high cholesterol are the most common medical conditions being declared by travellers over 65 buying travel insurance.

The most common medical conditions declared and covered when buying travel insurance over 65 are:

1. High blood pressure
2. High cholesterol
3. Diabetes
4. Osteoarthritis
5. Asthma
6. Joint replacement (non-trauma)
7. Coronary angioplasty
8. Heart attack
9. Underactive thyroid
10. Angina

Top 10 medical conditions covered by travel insurance over 65 data provided by based on travel insurance sales in 2011.

Although we have said that high blood pressure and high cholesterol are relatively mild conditions, they can be the underlying cause of many more serious illnesses and therefore it is vital that these types of medical conditions are declared when buying travel insurance over 65. If they are controlled by medication they are unlikely to add a significant amount to a travel insurance premium, but declaring them will ensure that travel insurance cover is in place if a traveller falls ill abroad.

If you are over 65 and take regular medication to control a medical condition you will probably need to take supplies of your medication abroad with you on holiday.

Check your travel insurance over 65 policy terms and conditions to ensure that it provides cover for loss of medication to provide extra peace of mind whilst you are away.

Read our previous post for some hints and tips on taking prescription meditation abroad.

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