Travel insurance over 65? Don’t forget to declare your medical conditions

By , February 17, 2012 11:23 am
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If you are over 65 and looking for travel insurance, there is a good chance that you will have visited the doctor in the last few years, or been prescribed medication, in which case you will need to declare this at the time of buying travel insurance.

It’s often the more minor medical conditions, which may be controlled by medication that get forgotten or overlooked when buying travel insurance over 65.

Things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and asthma are often overlooked because they can easily be controlled by medication. If you are over 65, taking medication for pre-existing medical conditions like high blood pressure can become such an entrenched part of daily life that you can easily forget you’re taking medication altogether.

Sarah Findlay, Marketing Manager at, a leading travel insurance provider for over 65s and those with medical conditions says:

“We often speak to older customers, who when asked if they have any medical conditions, or take any medication will say no, only to reveal later on when pressed further  that of course they are taking a tablet for high blood pressure, but isn’t everyone!”

“In fact high blood pressure along with high cholesterol, are the most common declared pre-existing medical conditions that we provide travel insurance for. This is the same for younger travellers and those who are over 65”.

It is important to declare any medical conditions that you have visited the doctor for, or take prescribed medication for when you buy travel insurance. If you don’t declare your pre-existing medical conditions when you buy travel insurance, regardless of whether this was because you forgot, or because you were trying to save money, you could find yourself with expensive medical bills if you fall ill and require emergency medical treatment whilst you are away.

If a pre-existing medical condition is not declared when you buy travel insurance over 65, your policy would not provide cover for any medical treatment that could be related back to this condition. 

With cover for minor conditions such as high blood pressure often only adding a few pounds to the price of a travel insurance over 65 policy it definitely pays to make sure you declare your medical conditions properly.

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