Travel insurance over 65: Declaring medical conditions

By , December 13, 2011 4:20 pm
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If you are a traveller aged over 65 and you have medical conditions, it is very important that you declare these medical conditions when you get a quote for travel insurance.

A few years ago, finding travel insurance over 65 with cover for medical conditions was very difficult. However, in the past couple of years a number of new travel insurance brands have been launched which cater specifically to this market, so there is no reason for you not to be properly insured.

Not declaring a medical condition properly could mean that you are not covered by your travel insurance in the event that you need to make a claim for cancellation (if you fall ill and are unable to travel) or medical treatment (if you fall ill abroad).

Remember to declare all of your medical conditions, anything you have seen the doctor for, or take medication for needs to be declared to your travel insurance over 65 provider.  Even something which you might think isn’t important because it is controlled by medication, such as high blood pressure needs to be declared.

Declaring a medical condition is easy when you buy travel insurance over 65

Most travel insurers who provide medical travel insurance for travellers over 65 make it very easy for you to declare your pre-existing conditions and get appropriate cover.

At we work with who provide instant travel insurance cover for medical conditions online or by phone – you can buy a policy in whichever way you find most comfortable.

Medical screening online or by phone

Whether you choose to get a medical travel insurance quote online or by phone, you’ll need to go through an easy medical screening process to assess the severity of your medical conditions. This will allow your travel insurer to judge the likelihood of you needing medical treatment abroad, and therefore quote an appropriate price for your travel insurance cover.

Whether you choose to get a travel insurance quote online or by phone, the medical screening process will only take a few minutes; you will be required to give the name of your medical conditions (as diagnosed by your doctor) and then answer a series of multiple choice questions. Questions could be things such as, when was your medical condition first diagnosed? eg. 1 year ago, 5-10 years ago, over 10 year ago. Or how many medications do you take for your medical condition? Eg. None, 1-2 or over 2 medications.

All the questions should be easy to answer, however if you are including cover for a travel companion on your travel insurance policy, you may want to have them with you to ensure that all the medical questions are answered correctly.

There is no need for a doctor’s certificate when you buy travel insurance over 65 with cover for pre-existing conditions, and you don’t even need to give the names of the medication you are taking.

In short, when you are looking for travel insurance over 65, you should declare any pre-existing medical conditions and answer the medical screening questions accurately, whether you choose to do it online or by phone, you can get instant travel insurance cover for your holiday.

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