Over 65? Declare medical conditions when you buy travel insurance

By , November 22, 2011 10:41 am
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When you buy travel insurance over 65, it’s important to declare any medical conditions that you have or anything that you are taking medication for – this will ensure that you are properly covered by your travel insurance if you fall ill on holiday, or indeed before your holiday and you need to cancel.

travel insurance over 65 with medical conditions

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No matter how inconsequential a medical condition may seem, you need to declare it when you purchase travel insurance. Anything and everything, from mild asthma to high blood pressure and heart disease, needs to be declared to your travel insurer at the time of purchase. 

Don’t be tempted by travel insurance policies that give a really cheap price by excluding all pre-existing medical conditions.  A travel insurer’s definition of a pre-existing medical condition does vary, but it is likely to mean that you would not be covered for any emergency medical treatment related directly or indirectly to a medical condition or treatment that you have ever had before. This could be ok if you are in your twenties or thirties, but when you are over 65 you need to be more careful. If you buy this type of travel insurance policy, you could find yourself without travel insurance cover when you need it most.

What types of medical conditions do I need to declare?

It’s very important to tell your travel insurance provider about any pre-existing medical conditions when you purchase travel insurance over 65. Anything that you are taking medication for, or have consulted the doctor about should be declared, from something mild like high blood pressure or high cholesterol, to serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

Why do I need to declare my medical conditions, they are under control, and it will just put the cost of my travel insurance up?

Failing to declare a medical condition when you buy travel insurance could cost you dearly, no matter whether you did it on purpose, to try and save money, or inadvertently, because you didn’t think you needed to declare anything.

You run the risk of incurring medical bills, which could easily amount to thousands of pounds, if you need medical treatment abroad and you’re not covered because you didn’t declare your medical condition.

Declaring your medical conditions when you buy travel insurance is vital at any age, but when you are over 65, it is an unfortunate fact that you are more likely to have a medical condition than when you were only 25, so make sure that you declare it.

The important thing to remember is, no matter how trivial you think your medical condition is, you should declare it when you buy travel insurance over 65 – you may find that it doesn’t increase your premium at all. But it will mean that you are appropriately covered if you fall ill abroad and need medical treatment whilst you’re away.

How do I declare my medical conditions when I buy travel insurance?

Declaring medical conditions on over 65 travel insurance policies is very easy these days. Many insurers provide an opportunity for you to do this online as part of the process of obtaining a quote; others will require you to call them to declare medical conditions. Either way, it is generally very easy, and you will still be able to obtain instant travel insurance cover without the need for any doctor’s certificates.

Our travel insurance over 65 with cover for medical conditions is provided by goodtogoinsurance.com. It can cover all types of medical conditions, up to a high severity and sometimes even a terminal prognosis. Many minor conditions can be covered a no extra charge. You can get instant travel insurance cover for medical conditions online or by phone.


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