Reducing the cost of travel insurance over 65

By , September 27, 2011 3:43 pm
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If you are of a certain age and looking for travel insurance, you’ve probably noticed that the cost can increase quite a bit when you become over 65.
The main reason for this is because as an adult over 65 you are statistically more likely to become ill and need medical treatment when you are away. Now this might seem unfair if you are fit and healthy and have no pre-existing medical conditions, but there is a way that you can keep the cost down.

The country you choose to travel to can affect your travel insurance more than you may think

The country you choose to visit on holiday could have a big impact on the price of your travel insurance over 65. This is down to the cost of obtaining emergency medical treatment in that country in the event that you become ill whilst you’re away.

Unless you have a strong desire to go to a particular destination, so that cost of travel insurance is not an issue, consider getting a travel insurance quote before you decide on your final holiday destination.

If you are worried about the cost of travel insurance, the main countries to avoid are the USA, Canada and the Carribean. But even within Europe, the country you choose could effect your travel insurance, because of increasing medical costs in some countries, some insurers now charge a premium to provide cover in European countries where medical treatment can be more expensive, this can often include Spain, Turkey and Malta.

So, if you are looking for some winter sun and are concerned about the cost of travel insurance, why not consider Greece rather than Turkey or the South of France rather than Spain. Changing your holiday destination could have an impact on the price of your travel insurance cover.

Or, if you have serious pre-exsiting medical conditions, it could make the difference to whether you are able to get travel insurance cover at all.

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